Safe Streets Save Lives

The Safe Streets Save Lives (SSSL) project is the first initiative of its kind that is working towards reducing the number of automobile / bicycle crashes and deaths on South Carolina roads. This project represents a public and private partnership in South Carolina striving for the improved safety of all bicyclists on the state's roadways. This is a long-term investment for the betterment of South Carolina and all of its residents—when roads improve for the safety of bicyclists, they become safer for all users.

Bicycling is good for South Carolina, and it’s a fun and healthy activity for the people it serves. So let’s strive to respect basic laws when traveling on the roads. Following these laws, we can be safe, have fun, and most importantly—we can get there together.

Local Advocacy Activity

Through the fine efforts of Tom Lex the Aiken City Council on Nov 12 unanimously passed a resolution endorsing the Aiken County Urbanized Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The resolution reads in part

  • 1. The City of Aiken will pursue a comprehensive approach for including bicycle and pedestrian pathways through Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Evaluation and Equity for development and transportation projects as described in the ACUABPP, and
  • 2. The City of Aiken will review established regulations, policies and operating practices as deemed appropriate and feasible, so transportation systems are planned, designed, constructed and operated to make bicycling and pedestrian movements part of the City's transportation planning and programming, and
  • 3. The City of Aiken will identify opportunities for implementation of the recommendations from the ACUABPP in planning, design, construction and operation of all City transportation projects.
This is a major step forward in making Aiken a bicycle friendly city. Congratulations to Tom Lex for making this happen.

Wheel Movement

WheelMovement - It is the mission of Wheel Movement to promote and support the local cycling community. Wheel Movement recognizes the lifestyle, economic, health, and public relations value of cycling in the CSRA. Wheel Movement will work to provide educational programs, conduct community outreach initiatives, and engage in advocacy efforts that not only generate, but also sustain a positive cycling environment throughout the community. Facebook page: WheelMovement

Transportation Planning and Road Improvements

The Aiken County Urbanized Bicycle Pedestrian Plan was approved by the SC Augusta Regional Transportation System (ARTS) Subcommittee in Augusta 2012. The Plan can be found by going to It is listed in the References table on the home page. A Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee is being formed and it is expected that the committee will begin meeting by May 2013. The City of Aiken City Council approved a resolution endorsing the Plan on Nov. 12, 2012.

There are a number of road improvement projects currently in the design and public comment process. The Hitchcock Parkway and Dougherty road projects both include provisions for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure as called for in the new Aiken County Urbanized Bicycle Pedestrian Plan.There has been opposition to including these provisions in the project design because of the increase in right of way and the impact to property owners. All cyclist are requested to submit comments endorsing the benefits of retaining bicycle lanes and paths in the design for these projects. It is important to fight for these if Aiken is to become Bicycle Friendly even if it is one mile at a time.

The next Dougherty Road public comment meeting is scheduled for Feb. 28 at the Knights of Columbus Hall from 5 pm until 7 pm.

The next Hitchcock Parkway public comment meeting has not been scheduled yet but it is expected to take place in the April 2013 time frame.


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